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Unlikely Heroes is a nonprofit organization fighting slavery in communities in Thailand, Mexico, the United States and the Philippines. The organization rescues children from all forms of slavery, including the labor and sex industry, and bring the children to live in one of the many homes owned by Unlikely Heroes.

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According to an article by the Boston Globe, slavery traps impoverished communities in a vicious cycle. Instead, they are forced into hard labor and used for sex. Slavery also results in inequality which inhibits villages and communities from creating sustainability and progression. They just keep getting wrapped up in the craziness of the city against their wills. Rick Jones from Marvel Comics has elements of this. He is more of an Unlikely Sidekick , though.

He's just a normal guy who has ended up being the sidekick to a number of heroes from the Hulk to Captain America , usually because he stumbled onto the wrong place at the wrong time. Then he becomes a superhero of his own right as A-Bomb.

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Scott Pilgrim. The fact that he was played by Michael Cera in the movie doesn't help either. Joe in Joe Versus the Volcano. Joe learns he is dying, so he volunteers to throw himself into a volcano. In The Relic movie, Margo's just a scientist In the book, Penderghast—a Marty Stu albeit a likable one—kills it unspectacularly. Another example: Detroit Rock City has four pseudo-stoner losers spend the first half getting into trouble, then the second half just getting the favor of God itself as they luck out on everything.

Ash in the original The Evil Dead is all over this trope. He works in the hardware department of S-Mart and is just a regular guy. By the end of the film, he's in near-hysterics and is covered in mud, blood, and his own excrement. Of course, in the sequels , this changes dramatically. He starts out the movie as a timid man living with his mother, and ends up dispatching all the zombies with a lawnmower.

Carl Frederickson and Russel from Pixar's Up.

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Just try explaining them someone who's never seen the film. One's an elderly septuagenarian, the other is an overly enthusiastic boy scout who's never been to the wild, and together they fight evil in Venezuela. Shaun in Shaun of the Dead never wanted to be a hero saving his loved ones from the Zombie Apocalypse , he just seemed to be the one could could deal with it pragmatically.

Also from a Simon Pegg movie, The World's End 's Gary King is an unemployed, suicidally depressed Manchild trying to relive the glory days of his youth by going on a drunken bender with his former friends. He and his friends well, two of them also fight off and survive a horde of body snatching robot duplicates and he's eventually the one to tell the Network to fuck off an leave humanity to its own devices.

All of this during the aforementioned bender. He becomes a more conventional hero After the End by fighting for the now discriminated-against Blank versions of his friends.

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Joe from Idiocracy. As is stated, he is average in every way. Caspian Knoll of Astral Dawn is this. Even he doubts he could be that important until he rises to the occasion. Rincewind in Discworld is basically this. All he wants is to be bored and eat potatoes, and all he has to help him is some narrative savvy , a knack for languages and running away , and The Luggage. But he's basically been chosen as the hero of the Disc. Tavi in Codex Alera. The whole series started because he was looking for some lost sheep, though eventually it becomes apparent that he was actually the heir apparent to the entirety of Alera.


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Bilbo Baggins. Possibly the ur-example. His nephew Frodo , to a lesser extent. Of course, this was probably the whole point. Gandalf figured that Frodo was beneath notice to Sauron, and could successfuly fulfill the most vital mission. This may, in fact, be why he wanted to recruit Bilbo in the first place, to earn the trust of the folk of the Shire again. The title character of Farmer Giles of Ham. Koepp 2.

The Final Rescue? Liberation and the Holocaust Mark Celinscak 4.

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Steinacher and Brian Barmettler Part 2. Teaching about Rescue 7. Also of Interest Gabriel Okara.

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