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But since the forced unity of Christendom was effectively broken in the Sixteenth Century, not a few clergymen have publicly denounced the religion to which they gave assent in their youth. It will be worth while to illustrate the profound difference between their reactions and Mr. And it will suffice to list the five who are now most generally remembered in this country. Early in the Eighteenth Century the Reverend Mr.

That device, however, was a rod that broke in his hands. He became a deist and published his Discourses , of which sixty thousand copies are said to have been sold in the brief time before the corporations in the salvation-business took alarm and he was, by a pious perversion of the law, thrown into the prison in which he died in He is remembered now for his influence on his contemporaries, but the Discourses are not really worth reading and, so far as I know, have never been reprinted.

The Reverend Father Jean Meslier had an understandable reluctance to be burned at the stake, so he continued to discharge his professional duties and administer consolation to the credulous, but he composed a treatise of some manuscript pages, of which he made and placed in responsible hands three copies, and which he further protected by calling it his last will and testament, to be opened only after his death, which occurred in After apologizing to his parishioners for having deluded them, he undertook a systematic analysis of religion in the light of the known laws of nature, common sense, and our instinctive morality.

His work was surreptitiously but widely circulated in manuscript copies until or , when it was printed in Holland. Undeterred by these considerations, the first great apostate of the Nineteenth Century, the Reverend Mr. Robert Taylor, disregarded the pleas of his ecclesiastical superiors and friends, who urged him not to ruin a promising career in the Church in which his talents destined him for high office, by publishing facts that could only disturb the placid credulity or proletarian fanaticism of the lower classes.

His Diegesis , an historical investigation of Christianity and its relation to earlier religions, is a work of great learning and incisive scholarship, the more impressive today since many of the Christian gospels were still unknown when he wrote and he had at his disposal only a small fraction of the copious information about other early religions that subsequent discovery and research has now made available.

Although his book inevitably contains errors of detail, it deserves careful reading today. In the United States, Colonel Ingersoll was not ordained, although he was the son of a clergyman and his early education gave him the familiarity with the Christian stories that he displayed in The Mistakes of Moses and his many orations.

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His campaign against Christianity inspired some holy men, notably the Reverend Mr. William Mahan, to forge some more gospels, but it inspired numerous others to forsake their business. Of the latter, the best-known today is the Reverend Mr. Samuel P. The most recent example of apostasy is the Reverend Mr. Vincent Runyon, who died less than a year ago and may have been the last clergyman to face the choice Mr. Simpson had earlier faced and to opt for honesty. The five whom I have listed above are certainly the best-known apostates.

Their very names will suffice to make any one of our contemporary dervishes howl — provided, of course, that he knows enough about his business to recognize the names. They are universally regarded as having totally repudiated Christianity and doubtless believed they had done so. They were mistaken. I have taken the space to list them not only to point a very significant contrast to Mr. It is, first of all, noteworthy that four of the five did not even think through to a logical conclusion their rejection of Christianity.

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They were content to denounce it as the cause of woes unnumbered to modern man, but they did not see what that implied. Bachrach has shown in his Early Medieval Jewish Policy in Western Europe University of Minnesota, , out of the ninety-eight rulers whose policies he examines in detail, eighty-eight including Charlemagne had to pursue pro-Jewish policies, while the ten who attempted to oppose the aliens in their domains went down to failure in one way or another — when the Jews could usually count on royal or ecclesiastical protection whenever their depredations excited local resentment so strong that it became violent — when even the famous and belated expulsion of Jews from England and Spain overlooked those who thought it worth while to have themselves sprinkled with holy water — and when the Church itself was a great ladder by which marranos climbed to power and wealth, laughing among themselves at the stupidity of the goyim who imagined that a Jew could be transmuted by a few drops of magic fluid.

I therefore exempt Taylor from the generalizations about apostates I shall make below. His was a vigorous and incisive mind, and I am unwilling to guess how much of Christian doctrine he unwittingly retained. The other apostates I have mentioned, and many that are now forgotten, together with almost all of the anti-Christians of recent centuries, exemplify the operation of what may be called the law of cultural residues.

In all civilized societies, when a long-established and generally accepted belief is found to be incredible, good minds abandon it, but they commonly retain derivative beliefs that were originally deduced from the creed they have rejected and logically must depend on it. Thus it happened that modern enemies of Christianity rejected the mythology, but uncritically retained faith in the social and ethical superstitions derived from it — a faith which they oddly call rational but hold with a religious fervor.

With very few exceptions, the anti-Christians, no doubt unwittingly, retained in their minds a large part of Christian doctrine, and they even revived the most poisonous elements of the primitive Bolshevism of Antiquity, which had been attenuated or held in abeyance by the established churches in the great days of Christendom.

It is to the great honor of Mr. He had the intellectual vigor and integrity to begin a search for truth, i.

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His studies of all subjects relating to the social realities of our time were thorough and almost exhaustive, and his citations from writers of recognized scientific and scholarly competence form a bibliography of almost encyclopaedic scope. He knows that all men and women are created unequal by the laws of genetics that govern all forms of organic life.

Simpson discusses demonstrable facts with relentless objectivity. We live in a universe in which life itself is but a trivial and transitory phenomenon, and the awesome contrast between its brutal realities and the glowing figments of our imaginations is always painful, even to men who have the fortitude to contemplate it.

Some of Mr. Simpson goes on to consider the effects of industrial organization, which is necessarily inhuman, on the biological entity that is man. Needless to say, there can be no question of abandoning the technological power on which alone depends our only chance to survive in the world we lost, but it is well that we understand the price that we must pay for power. I commend Mr. One chapter in this book ruthlessly demolishes a prejudice that has been inculcated into all of us by the dominant mythology.

Limiting himself to essentials, Mr. As I have said, Mr. Now it's time to dust off those aromatic and comforting eaux de parfums. This is Matt. This was not a makeover but we wanted to find the best cut for him.

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