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The silicone lubricant will seal the surface of your skin and make it slippery, while the water-based lubricant adds moisture to your skin. You may find that you prefer one type of lubricant for sex, and another for daily moisturizing. Smooth it on any time during the day when you feel dry.

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You can also insert it into your vagina with a dropper at bedtime to moisturize your vaginal tissues all night long. Besides, daily moisturizing, we recommend massaging your vulva daily, both manually and with vibration. This helps the skin become more flexible, with better blood flow and thicker, more resilient tissue underneath. We call these three steps the Vaginal Renewal Program. Once pain is managed, how can you boost a low libido?

Start an active practice of thinking about sex. Set an alarm on your phone for three to five times a day. When the first one goes off, think about the last time you had good sex. The next time, think about a great fantasy. Then the next time, think of a scene out of a movie that turned you on. Spontaneous, body-instigated lust happens only when we fall in love. But you can create a great deal of eroticism if you choose it and make it a priority.

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The more good sex you have, the more you want it. Have your partner learn to point out the small, first signs of arousal. You also need to schedule sex, just like you did when you were new parents — only now the oven takes longer to preheat, so you need to schedule more time.

You recommend that women be adventurous to improve sex after menopause. What do you suggest? Everyone is different, but I find that little adventures work best: Going without underwear to a fancy dinner, someplace where the tables have long tablecloths and enjoying a little semi-public sex play. Or just going without panties and slipping a note to your partner that you have done so! A great book called Grrreat Nights of Sex by Laura Corn gives you suggestions, half for her and half for him to arrange.

So you don't have to come up with your own ideas if you are stuck. Can food such as oysters be an aphrodisiac? No food has been proven to increase libido. Nor are there any contraindications of mixing marijuana with other drugs for sexual performance enhancement such as Viagra or Cialis. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, unlike alcohol, so far there is no direct correlation between marijuana consumption and a significantly increased risk of fatalities.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC , a n estimated 88, people approximately 62, men and 26, women die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States. The first preventable cause of death in the United States is tobacco use and the second is poor diet combined with physical inactivity. These findings may help build the case for consuming cannabis to become more sexually active to benefit one's overall health.

Previously, most doctors had generally counseled men that marijuana, like tobacco, is harmful.

New Studies Show That Marijuana Enhances And Increases Sex

In women. The Journal of the American Medical Association corroborates these findings. I am a United Nations-based cannabis correspondent and global drug policy analyst. My work has been syndicated worldwide in various media outlets from The New York Time. I cover marijuana, global affairs and the intersection of the two. You'll also learn the 5 dangerous mistakes that will ruin your sex life and relationship. Get it here.

One concern that many women share is whether their partners will still find them attractive and want to be intimate with them. Single or widowed women sometimes wonder if new partners will desire them despite their changing bodies. Estrogen is high during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle but drops afterward [ 12 , 13 ], and desire can decrease as estrogen does. Estrogen also drops during menstruation [ 14 , 15 ] and after the honeymoon period ends in your relationship.

Studies have also found that desire can drop significantly during [ 16 ] and after pregnancy [ 17 ], and in periods of high stress just to name a few. While both men and women experience a drop in sex drive throughout the course of their lives, women are two to three times as likely to experience this decrease in sex drive than men [ 18 ].

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Check out our posts below to help with a moderate drop in your sex drive. One of the pieces of advice we give to any woman who is having trouble getting in the mood for sex or self-pleasure is to slow things down and to add foreplay. It helps you get in the mood, get you wet and, sometimes, get you off even before the big event! Ready to try it out? Check out our 22 tips and tricks for amazing foreplay.

Because of the hormone drops that happen during menopause, foreplay may not be the only solution you need to add to your toolkit, nor will it solve all your potential problems. Studies consistently find that women experience issues with desire, arousal, orgasm, and sexual satisfaction after menopause [ 19 ]. Even if you desire to have sex after menopause, you might run into a little trouble. A drop in estrogen means a decrease in vaginal moisture for many women, and it can even lead to vaginal atrophy [ 20 , 21 , 22 ], also known as vulvar and vaginal atrophy or VVA [ 23 ].

This dryness can even make you more susceptible to infection [ 5 ] and inflammation that can create vaginal discharge [ 25 ]. In certain cases, you can be aroused, but your body might not produce noticeable amounts of lubrication [ 26 ]. But many women do not experience this agreement; instead, they have arousal nonconcordance [ 30 ch 6].

Low Libido? Here’s How to Have Great Sex After Menopause

In fact, your body may not produce the exact amount of moisture that you need for comfortable sex, especially long bouts! This arousal nonconcordance or inability to become physically aroused even when you are mentally arouse becomes difficult to ignore for many women who have experienced menopause. One study found that menopausal women who performed Kegel exercises experienced an easier time with arousal than women who did not complete the exercises [ 32 ]. Find out about the benefits of Kegels here.

The easiest solution is to use personal lube, which you can buy from sex stores and even your local pharmacy. There are a few options on the shelves and even more available online, so what should you look for? Find out everything you need to know about lube here. An alternative to personal lube to make sex during menopause more comfortable is a vaginal moisturizer, which not only makes sex slick but absorbs into your skin, unlike lube, to add moisture to your vagina [ 33 ].

According to the experts, when vaginal moisturizers are applied twice per week they can increase vaginal moisture, elasticity, and acidity. Although you might not consider it at first, a drop in estrogen may also coincide with weakened bones and osteoporosis because estrogen is necessary for bone health [ 35 ]. Keep this in mind as you enjoy sex, which you might prefer to be rougher after menopause than before you went through the change. Osteoporosis may be a concern for menopausal women because of estrogen decreases [ 37 ], so you should be careful when having sex to prevent breakage.

Reconsider any position that requires you to rest on your joints, especially for long periods of time. Use a pillow to relieve stress points; sex pillows are great for getting into tricky positions, too. Read it now.

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  7. Then, check out our favorite girl on top positions. You can also focus on activities other than intercourse. Related : All About Outercourse. Another treatment option for menopause symptoms is hormone therapy, sometimes known as hormone replacement therapy or HRT. Creams, pills, and patches and even sprays can all replenish some of the estrogen that your body is missing [ 39 , 40 ].