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Our Mutual Friend The Pickwick Papers After a rocky start, it soon became a huge success, after Dickens created a valet for his title character, the crafty cockney Sam Weller, whose comic turns of phrase earned him a dedicated following. Oliver Twist This novel is perhaps most famous for the early scenes involving the parish workhouse, in which the young Oliver — egged on by his fellow half-starved waifs — politely asks for more gruel.

These scenes, though, occupy only the first third of the book, which then sees Oliver transported from his local parish to London. Great Expectations The tale of the young boy who becomes a gentleman thanks to a mysterious benefactor has been enchanting readers — and many, many film directors — since. Recommended edition: Great Expectations Penguin Classics. A Christmas Carol The book was more or less single-handedly responsible for the tradition of the Christmas Eve ghost story, which remains with us to this day. David Copperfield Bleak House This novel, written when Charles Dickens was at the height of his powers and following the Jarndyce v Jarndyce court case, is — for our money — the best of the lot.

What would you put at the number 1 spot? For more book recommendations, see our selection of the best classic Gothic horror novels. The author of this article, Dr Oliver Tearle, is a literary critic and lecturer in English at Loughborough University. Image top : Young Charles Dickens, c. When I was living in Slovakia, books in English were few and far between and very expensive on a Peace Corps budget.

Little Dorrit / by Charles Dickens

I spent one joyous winter re-reading the works of Charles Dickens. Thank you for this post. Have a Merry Christmas and a most wonderful New Year. Thanks for the recommendations! I will add all of these to my ever growing! Reblogged this on Carolyn O' Connell and commented: Have read them all. He wrote a number of other Xmas stories. I am currently reading Great Expectations and loving it, but I think that Hard Times should make it on the list.

Sometimes I think this is deliberate he uses caricatures and the grotesque to expose the dark-side if Industrial London , but other times I feel that his characters are one-dimensional to a fault. For example, his female characters tend to be sweet, innocent angels. However, in his later writings his characters are a lot more complex. I should read this; I do enjoy Dickens. How do you ever get out?? I love his writing so can always put up with any other weaknesses in the books.

Yes, it seems like the only way to get out is for someone else to pay it for you.

Which I guess works when you have your children out working in factories etc. Excellent review. Flora was a really fun and likeable character, but I seem to have forgotten so many details.

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Nicolas Nickelby was one of the first I read of Dickens and I absolutely loved it. With the exception of Great Expectations, I pretty much enjoy all of his books. Funnily enough, Great Expectations is my least favourite too, mainly because I was forced to study it at Uni and it got analysed to death, totally destroying my ability to get lost in the story. I had the same problem with most of the books I read at Uni, this being why I gave up English Lit at the end of the first year.

But I did have a sneaking sympathy for Magwitch, and poor old Joe Gargery. Oh me too- I did feel for poor Joe, Magwitch too. I meant more in terms of the main characters. I think it maybe depends on whether the author intend you to like them. I feel the need for a well-known favourite. But sandwiched between the two is Hard Times — the book that turned me off Dickens for decades….

Haha — yes, silver linings are in short supply!

Oh, I am enjoying it. There again, having it in the distance is an excellent carrot! Well Bleak House is my favourite too but I did enjoy this, you make an interesting point about the circumlocution office. All the other books suggest the government was actually pushing for new inventions and industries. Maybe Dickens had had a bad experience with the government or something…. It is on my Classics Club list.


Little Dorrit/Book 1/Chapter 7

Something distracting must have been happening in my life, or maybe it clashed with some other programme I was addicted to. I must get hold of it.

Wonderful review. Thanks, Beth! What a thorough review FF! I read this last year and enjoyed it more than I expected, especially when I realized Little Dorrit was a girl. For some reason I picked this up because it was Dickens and went in to reading it without knowing anything. Flora got on my nerves honestly but her aunt I thought was much funnier. Maybe if I watch the movie it will refresh my memory! When I watched David Copperfield it all came flooding back.

DC is my favorite Dickens to date although I still have several left to read. I liked the aunt too, but I did find Flora entertaining! Unfortunately, Great Expectations was destroyed for me by being made to analyse it to death at University — one sure way to kill the magic!

But it does have some wonderful characters, like Magwitch the convict and Miss Haversham…. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Not much changes, except that today the same could be said about daughters… The shabbiness of these attendants upon shabbiness, the poverty of these insolvent waiters upon insolvency, was a sight to see. Mr Dorrit entertains guests in the Marshalsea As is often the case with Dickens, the two major characters are among my least favourite. Book 41 of 90 My favourite character of all, though, is Flora Finching.

Like this: Like Loading Previous Post Bookish selfie…. Hm, I should check my shelves but I think this one may be missing from my collection.


I loved it!