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The Images of America series celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the country. Using archival photographs, each title presents the distinctive stories from the past that shape the character of the community today. Email address. Remember Me. Helix Images of America. Around Mt. Helix Images of America quantity.

Category: Books. Additional information Weight 0. Making up a large segment of the Title Insurance Photograph Collection see Core Collections , Fitch photographed between the s and s. Some of the photographs attributed to Fitch may have been the work of earlier photographers whose work he purchased. Loose photographs, photograph albums, cabinet cards, copy negatives, and carte-de-visites.

This group of photographs includes materials relating to the family of Edward Fletcher and to the work on various water projects in San Diego County in the early twentieth century. Fletcher Family Collection, ca. Duplicate negatives from glass lantern slides. San Diego family and water resources developers.


Partially arranged by subject. Frye and Charles A. Smith ran a San Diego printing company. This collection documents San Diego businesses, the Exposition, civic events, recreational activities and other subjects. Includes both aerials and ground images. Subjects include aviation, the Convair Plant, the back country, Balboa Park Exposition buildings and events, banks, beach scenes, boats, automobiles, auto dealers and service stations, construction companies, Crescent Wharf Warehouse Co.

Listing of subjects. No listing of unprocessed materials. This collection consists of photograph albums, news clippings, photographs and other ephemeral materials. This collection documents the activities of the Palmer Bros. Also advertisements for the Silverado and Momart ballrooms dancing and photographs of Jack Dempsey in boxing trunks. John Lewis Geddes Photograph Collection, s.

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Documents San Diego area adobe buildings and ranches. Collection includes photographs and captions relating to many nineteenth century or earlier adobe structures and ranches in San Diego County. Included are F. Irving Gill Architectural Photograph Collection, Documents architectural work of Irving Gill. Images include interior and exterior views of houses, institutions, churches, and other buildings designed by Gill. James Chapel. Includes residences of Paul Mittimore, Charles L. Tutt, Ellen B. Scripps, Annie B. Danst, Melville Klauber, Charles P.

Douglas, Mary Cossitt, and Alice Lee. Also see Photograph Reference Books relating to architecture. Mostly this collection consists of photograph albums and loose prints taken by Mary Lucia Griffith Kemp. Includes family trips to Clifton, Colorado and Kalona, Iowa. Images also include members of the Samuel I.

Fox family. Item level inventory available. There are also positive prints of many San Diego military bases. The unprocessed images may not be accessible. Item level list exists. Mike Hazelip Photograph Collection, s. A portion of the collection has been copied in San Diego photographer. Vernon Heger Photograph Collection, s. Original negatives and selected duplicate negatives. Contains original negatives and duplicate negatives. Heller Grocery Stores Photograph Collection, Documents local San Diego grocery store chain.

Consists of copy negatives. Included are mostly but also s photographs of the interior and exteriors of branches of Heller Grocery Stores. Photographs by E. Hope Architectural Photograph Collection, ca. This collection consists of color prints and slides documenting the activities of the architectural firm, Hope Architecture Frank Hope Sr.

Hope in San Diego and elsewhere. The collection also contains some mounted photographs. See also Hope Architectural Drawings Collection. Donal Hord Photograph Collection, ss. This collection documents the artwork and sculptures by San Diego artist, Donal Hord. Janz-Gagnon Family Photograph Collection, ss. This collection documents the lives of a San Diego family between the s and s. Contains snapshots, scrapbooks, news clippings and other materials. Snapshots from the s include activities with friends and family at beaches, homes, and traveling throughout the U.

Photographs of the s and s show a single mother raising a child widowed as a result of Pearl Harbor. Images of ss show elderly relatives and health issues. Lantern Slide Collection, ca. Organized by subject. Many of the slides have duplicate negatives. Images also include San Diego Bay beaches, boats, ferries, docks, the harbor many sunset views , and wharves. Also includes lantern slides of other states and countries. Marion Plummer Lester Photograph Collection, ss. This collection of correspondence, news clippings and photographs documents the activities of the Plummer and Lester family at the Point Loma Theosophical Society and elsewhere.

Some letters document life of Fred G. Plummer, a geographer for the U. Forestry Service. Also notices of lectures at the Theosophical Society. Virginia Lucas Slide Collection.

Late s? This slide collection documents early San Diego and Southern California missions, settlements and activities. Listing available. Gene Kazikowski Aerial Photograph Collection, This collection consists of aerial photographs of the San Diego County area. The negatives are organized by date. Prints are organized by place. Kelsey Family Photograph Collection, ss. This collection consists of prints, cabinet cards, glass plates, tintypes, photograph albums, and miniature tintypes. Includes photographs of Frederick W. Also images of Jessie M. Kelsey, Dr. Baker, Mr. Charles I. Some oversized cabinet cards photographed by Elite Studios of San Diego.

Steve McCarroll Photograph Collection, San Diego commercial photographer. Documents recreational, business, hang gliding and other activities in San Diego and other areas. Consists of slides, negatives and prints. Also includes personal and other images.

McLure Family Photograph Collection, s. San Diego family who resided at 24th and Market. Also images of Sweetwater dam, the family residence interior and exterior and, a trip to Cedros Island, Baja California. Paul Madigan Photograph Collection, s. Documents photographic work and family of Paul Madigan. The subjects of photographs by Madigan, who worked as a freelance photo-journalist, include professional wrestling some with corresponding news clippings , midget car racing, track and field, football, San Diego Police Pistol Range, bowling teams in gold lame shirts, Southern California Telephone Company installing phone wiring during World War II with U.

Family photographs include Madigan and Shain families. Shain family photographs include individual family members ca. This collection documents San Diego houses, businesses, landmarks, and public buildings in the early s. Most slides are identified by address. Subjects include houses, firehouses, apartments, pedestrian footbridges, doctors offices, stores, garages, churches, schools, and hotels.

Philip Middlebrook Photograph Collection, Organized by railroad or subject. This collection documents the evolution of railroads in San Diego County. Also includes automobiles, an early Point Loma road race, railroad bridges, flood damage, and interior and exterior views of Mission San Diego.

This collection documents the restoration of the San Diego Mission. Also includes photographs of other missions. Paul T. Documents activities of soldiers and Paul T. Mizony at Fort Rosecrans about Coast Guard Lighthouse, storm damage, large gun firings, glass bottom boats, Fort Rosecrans hospitals, pool games, guard mount, ordnance warehouse, other buildings at the fort, and supply ships.

Robert Mosher Photograph Collection, , s. Motion Picture Collection, ss. Numerically arranged. This collection consists of motion picture film produced by individuals or companies for personal use home movies , commercial news reels and travelogues of San Diego and elsewhere. Many of the motion pictures have been copied onto video. The collection includes a wide variety of personal and commercial film of San Diego scenery ss. The films of Richard Requa, architect for the Balboa Park Exhibition, are described elsewhere in this guide.

Inventory available. Muehlheisen Photograph Collection, ca. Also includes family photographs of trips to Cuyamaca, Julian and Coronado tents. Also early aviation and San Diego High School. This set of photographs and reports documents the various buildings and areas of the U. Naval Hospital in Balboa Park. The photographs include aerial views, buildings, surrounding areas, and early operations and construction of the hospital Also includes written historical and descriptive data. Documents various San Diego landmarks. Partial listing available. This collection documents the news reporting of the Blade-Tribune newspaper located in Oceanside.

Contains 35mm film. Images include local and San Diego County area activities, theaters, beaches, and other subjects. Palomar Observatory Construction Photograph Collection, This collection documents the construction of the Palomar Observatory. The Observatory opened in and contains one of the most powerful telescopes in the world.

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  6. The collection includes negatives of construction progress including building foundations, views of the dome base, dome crane, staff, workers, the giant mirror, and other images. There are several other images of the Palomar Observatory including negatives and prints in a photograph reference book. Documents the Panama-California Exposition of Also see the Photograph Reference Books on the Exposition.

    Some negatives. Numbered with original print numbers. This collection of circuit or panorama wide range photographs s include both standard panoramic shots of groups, views, and buildings, and also several unique views of San Diego and surrounding areas. Included are original prints, some prints developed in the s, and some negatives. The images were taken by several San Diego area photographers including many by Herbert Fitch prior to General categories include aviation, Balboa Park Exposition, businesses, churches, San Diego Fire Department, San Diego Police Department motorcycle patrol , groups of people, organizations, beach scenes, San Diego harbor, many panoramic shots of downtown San Diego, ranches, orchards, Camp Kearny, the Army and Navy, lumberyards, views of the rugged countryside, mountain views, and many others.

    This collection was used for publications and presentations to document the members, functions and events of the PTA. Includes prints, news clippings, and glass plate negatives. Many glass plates of classes and student productions at La Mesa High School. Lee Passmore Photograph Collection, ca.

    Over San Diego commercial photographer and naturalist.

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    • US Army, Technical Manual, TM 5-6115-329-14, GENERATOR SET GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, 0.5 KW, (LESS ENGINE), (DOD MODEL MEP-014 UTILITY CLASS, 60 HZ), (NSN.

    Glass plate and duplicate negatives. Many prints in Photograph Albums 95, , , , , and , reference books and the original print collection. Pastime Gun Club Photograph Collection, ? Documents activities of the Pastime Gun Club ? Consists of glass plate negatives. Includes images of men holding rifles, trophies, skeet shooting, a group of club members wearing sweaters, a back country trek, camping party with reference to John L.

    Sullivan, shooting of game, hunters in a boat, and a woman with a rifle. Patterson Photograph Collection, ss bulk Print Reference Books. Early San Diego commercial photographer. Documents early twentieth century life in San Diego, especially individuals, institutions, businesses, ships, and Spring Valley. Patterson residences, schools, ships cruisers, battleships , signs billboards , sports, stables, stages, streetcars, Sweetwater Dam, and theaters.

    Other scattered images include bicyclists, stores, service stations, livestock and early automobiles on mountain roads.

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    Index cards, Listings of sorts. Don Perkins Slide Collection, This collection documents the interiors and exteriors of many residences in San Diego and many activities and functions of the San Diego Historical Society. Includes slides of many residences but also schools, portraits of people, ships, churches, and Old Town buildings. Another segment of the collection includes slides of SDHS buildings, annual dinners, Serra Museum staff, parades, Villa Montezuma, the George Marston house, and many copies of historic photographs.

    A partial index exists. Catalog cards for the residences exist. This collection consists of photographs relating to the construction of the San Diego County Jail. Also included are photographs relating to crimes including the destruction of bootlegged liquor and mug shots and a photograph of the original members and officers of the Police Boy Scout Troop, There are also several post cards relating to the insurrection in Tijuana, Also see Reference book on the Police Department.

    Consists of prints and some negatives. Photographs include aerials, ground shots and special events. Subjects include passenger steamships, harbor events, Port Authority Christmas parties, luncheons, and other events, steamship headquarters, sports and commercial fishing, water taxis, the harbor parking lot, aviation, airplanes, and docks. Also includes images of ships unloading cotton, rubber and other products.

    Port of San Diego Photograph Collection, This collection of prints documents activities and development of the Port of San Diego. Photographs include ground, water, and aerial views. Ground views show tugboats, barges, U. Navy battleships and other ships, floating dry- docks, tuna boats, Broadway pier, B Street pier, parking lot filled with cars near pier, Chinese sailors on Chinese vessel, unloading a Volkswagon Beetle car ca. Aerial photographs show docks, wharves, progress on Lindbergh Field airport, the U.

    Navy fleet, businesses, the Port of San Diego, views of the port area, and many other images. Postcard Collection, ss. Documents views of San Diego County and surrounding areas as well as activities, institutions, events, exhibitions, and other concerns. Subjects include agriculture, aviation, bath houses Los Banos , sports fields or ball parks, businesses, camps, churches, clubs and lodges, dams, ferry boats, fire department, flowers in bloom, hotels and apartments, Native Americans, libraries, logging, maps, military Army, Navy, Marines, Navy ships, U.

    Postcards also of Baja California and the California Missions. Also includes sentimental post cards and folder booklet postcards. Richard Requa Motion Picture Collection, ss. Richard Requa was architect for the Balboa Park Exhibition. Most has been transferred to video. Resthaven Preventorium Photograph Collection, s. This collection documents the activity of the Resthaven medical facility for children threatened with tuberculosis or suffering from rheumatic fever. Collection consists of prints. Subjects include Christmas Seals campaign against tuberculosis, child patient with dog, exterior and interior views, children surrounding a giant shoe, croquet game, various groups of children, playroom, tuberculosis test, examining room, cafeteria, children and staff, and the Preventorium sleeping porch.

    Also see Resthaven Preventorium Photograph Album. Glenn Rick Photograph Collection, San Diego civil engineer. Includes images of beach goers, recreation facilities, bridge construction, cemeteries, and boating. Prints are in reference books. Slide collection has an index. Included are a table of contents, headings, and summary notes. Projects with photographs include San Diego Natural History Museum projects shells, insects, mammals, reptiles etc. Print reference book available. Lloyd Ruocco Photograph Collection, Documents architectural work of Lloyd Ruocco.

    Also includes several photographs of the construction of the San Diego County Administration building Howard W. Rozelle Collection, ss. Prints are organized by subject. San Diego photographer and auto mechanic. This collection documents the San Diego area from the air between the s and the s. The collection also documents businesses and beach events in Pacific Beach ca. Included are original negatives, copy negatives and original prints in reference books. While most of this collection consists of aerial views from low and high altitudes, there are many photographs of San Diego and Pacific Beach small businesses.

    Also includes images of s Convair airplanes. Some of these images include employees and are interior or exteriors sometimes at night and mostly during Several images of small businesses in Pacific Beach. Kennedy in San Diego. San Diego Harbor Photograph Collection, Documents activity in San Diego Harbor during Consists of duplicate negatives. Chamberlin Jr. San Diego Public Library Collection, ss. This collection, formerly at the San Diego Public Library consists of original prints with some copy negatives. Grant Jr. Corona, John Forward Sr. Klauber, W.

    Marston, Archie Moore, T. Claude Ryan, Georgia M. And others. Gift of the San Diego Public Library. Sanford E. Sanford Photograph Collection, This collection documents activity in Coronado and San Diego in the early twentieth century. Contains glass plate negatives and duplicate negatives. Subjects include businesses, parades horsemen and Foresters float , fire department, harbor ships, people, hospitals, an ostrich farm, Japanese sailors, orange groves, Sweetwater Dam, monuments, and a knife sharpener. Included are historic houses, cottages, bungalows, businesses, institutions and other dwellings surveyed by Pat Schaelchin in The collection consists of 35mm negatives and prints.

    Another set of volumes, La Jolla Buildings with updates on altered buildings in , consists of prints or photocopies of properties in La Jolla. Also included is a register of photographs taken by Carol Mansfield for the project in Charles Schneider Photograph Collection, San Diego commercial photographer and photojournalist.

    Photographs were used for magazines, newspapers, publicity, design layouts, and other uses. Lloyd, William Bately Jr. Images also of Ronald Reagan and Pete Wilson. Schneider-kemmler Photograph Collection: Negatives are numerically arranged. Prints are placed in reference books. Photographs of Dr. Roland Schneider and his wife, Florence Kemmler Schneider document work, beaches, recreation, buildings and other activities in San Diego. Grant hotel, a Japanese garden, Ocean Beach beauty contestants, flood damage, people in costumes and other images. Little Desert Graphics, Subject list also exists.

    Roland E. Consists of flowers and other natural scenes in Balboa Park probably during the s. Flowers include fuschias, zinnias, night blooming cereus, roses, passion flowers, snapdragons, poinsettias, petunias, passion fruit, geraniums, and snap dragons. An early color photographic process, autochromes, were glass plate transparencies introduced by the Lumiere Brothers in Previously referred to as the John L.

    Westhaver autochromes. This collection consists of photographs of San Diego businesses, the Roland E.

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    Schneider family and the Westhaver family. It contains prints, carte de visites, cabinet cards, glass plate negatives, photograph buttons, tintypes and other items. Photographs by John L. Rhea s , and others. Family photograph include images of Roland E. Several photographs show Roland clowning around roller skating and doing other activities. Also photographs of Harold Westhaver and his family. Sefton Photograph Collection, s. This collection documents Sefton family trips and activities around San Diego and the world. Contains copy negatives and original negatives.

    Guy Sensor Photograph Collection, ca. Includes original nitrate and safety negatives, duplicate negatives and some original prints. This collection has its own Master Print copy Reference Books. This extensive collection documents San Diego businesses and residences. Sensor was hired by businesses and real estate agents. Subjects include animals, automobiles and auto dealers, aviation Lindbergh Field, United Airlines, Navy dirigibles , Balboa Park during Exposition, interior and exterior views of businesses retail, financial, etc.

    Read Plumbing, Whiting Mead Co. Item level finding aid available. Sherriff Photograph Collection ss. Early San Diego Photographer. This grouping consists of four reference books printed from negatives in the Title Insurance Collection. Many original prints not included in the reference books are scattered throughout the Photograph Collection. Subjects in the reference books include: downtown scenes, street scenes, Hotel Del Coronado under construction, Coronado, school children, Horton House, boundary monument, Stonewall Mine Cuyamuca , parades downtown, circus parade, brickyard, trolleys, San Diego Mission, wharfs, boats and ships, signs, and various businesses including harness shop, music shop, Hole in the Wall saloon, First National Bank with bull, dry goods shops, undertakers shop, farm equipment sales building, and many other images.

    This collection documents housing and industry at the San Diego Bay tidal flats. Contains mounted prints and some copy negatives. Used as part of some litigation, Schirm Co. Documents family life and residences of Virgina McKenzie Smith. Includes interior and exterior views of family residences at Lemon Grove, Meling Ranch in Baja California s , San Isadore , and Warner Springs s with foliage, mountains and landscape.

    Family events throughout the twentieth century include infants, weddings, birthdays, grandparents, parents, children and horse riding. Family members include Gen. Southwest Onyx Photograph Collection, ss.

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    This collection consists of prints and a photograph album documenting the work of Southwest Onyx. Included are buildings using Southwest Onyx materials, interior and exterior images of buildings such as banks all along the west coast of the U. Many prints of Herbert Fitch photographs. Stewart Family Photograph Collection, s. This collection documents the family of W. Stewart, San Diego merchant in latter half of the nineteenth century. The collection contains carte de visites, cabinet cards, albumen prints, and other photographs.