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Melt the oils in the small pot over medium low heat. Stir constantly and keep a watchful eye on the oils. You want them to just reach the melting point and not overheat. Immediately pour into silicone molds.

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I used a silicone ice cube tray but a candy mold will also work. A small pot with a pour spout makes this job a lot easier.

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Sprinkle dried lavender buds on top of the hot oil, dividing the tablespoon up evenly between the bath melts. For many, many more natural skincare recipes and gift ideas, check out The Natural Beauty Recipe Book! Your email address will not be published. Shower fizzies and bath bombs, however, are NOT the same.

We get asked a lot about the difference between shower fizzies and bath bombs. Shower fizzies are ideally flat or flat-ish on one side to prevent movement.

With bath bombs, the intended use is to have the mixture interact with the skin directly. Shower bombs, however, the intent is more as a shower steamer — it is designed to release the oils into the air. In fact, you only want enough oil in a shower fizzy to hold it all together. We often include moisturizing oils in bath bombs to have a restorative benefit.

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Shower steamers are best molded in something which has a flat side. We often mold shower bombs in:.

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We mold bath bombs in everything listed above and more! You have a lot of options when molding both shower fizzies and bath bombs.

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Ultimately, you want the mix to be packed well, otherwise the shower fizzy will fizzle out too quickly for the aromatherapy benefits to kick in. These are super-duper easy to make! Mix the water and baking soda, add the essential oils, and pack the mix tightly into a silicone mold.

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  • Let rest for at least 1 hour overnight is best. Some are citrus, peppermint, and eucalyptus. For those who like to take shower in the evening, try calming, soothing scents.

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