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Neigong are a specific set of practices that people do to develop additional abilities. The present book is a much expanded and more thorough explanation of the nei gong process. Through study, the individual aims to develop the ability to manipulate Qi in order to promote self-healing, prevent disease, and increase longevity. Wudang Gong Fu. Based upon the original teachings of the great sage. Gong died at 85 at the Veterans Home of Yountville, where he'd gone to live last year. Daoist Nei Gong For Women available for download and read online in other formats.

Based upon the original teachings of the great sage Lao Tzu, it has only ever been taught to close students of the masters chosen as the heads of the ancient orders. My chosen disciplines of Aikido, CrossFit, Gymnastics and Argentine Tango are all enormously engaging for me but none so potent and formative as this internal art. This book provides a breakdown of the entire Nei Gong process, and explains in plain English the philosophy which underpins Nei Gong practice, and which is based on the original teachings of the ancient Daoist priests.

The Daoist Morning and Evening Gong — Liturgy Scriptures — make up one form of cultivation practice for Daoists residing in temples and monasteries. Neigung nei kung - Neigong, also spelled nei kung, neigung, or nae gong, is any of a set of Chinese breathing and meditation disciplines associated with Daoism and especially the Chinese martial arts.

Donna has previously studied Chen and Yang style Taiji quan for many years and joined the Lotus Nei Gong association in Nei Yang Gong Qigong has a long history in the ancient times of China. It can refer to mystic practices from Taoist and other origins. In our Online Wudang School you learn everything related to the internal martial arts.

Please click button to get daoist nei gong book now. There is enough mystical mumbo…. Serge Augier aka the Urban Daoist is the current heir to the tradition, which has preserved and transmitted its practices from generation to generation for more than years. See these images on the left? Damo Mitchell; Damo s Books. Welcome to Daxuan Daoism! Traditionally, learning a personal Way implies having a direct contact with your Professor. Introduction to Taoism. The energy is constantly going in and out through our body. Maximising the potential of the female energetic system, Roni Edlund and Damo M.

Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read A Comprehensive Guide to Daoist Nei Gong. Nei Gong is the practice leading to attainment of real internal skill and transformation, and the philosophical art of change that runs through all Daoist practice. Pedram Shojai has worked with individuals, companies, and groups for several years teaching transformative practice and meditation. Previously wrapped in secrecy, the teachings in this book include qigong exercises that activate the energy of the uterus and an explanation of how menstruation and a connection to the cycles of the moon can be converted into a tool for Nei Gong development.

Master Pan Yu also taught him about the exchange of Yin and Yang power between men and women, and how to develop the Steel Body. It is an ancient Chinese discipline with links to Martial Arts and Chinese medicine. Vienna Intent. Nei Gong sits at the origin of all Taoist energy work, the parent practice to the more widely known Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

The great Taoist sage Lao Tzu said, "My way is simple, but no one can follow it". FREE shipping to most Australian states. The question is whether or not what they say and teach is accurate. Follow us on Twitter: aromatherapy-center. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. This text will explain what you need to do in order to begin Mo Pai Nei Kung. This work itself will discuss the first four levels of Mo Pai Nei Kung, but obviously it does not detail their practice within.

Since this book has been released, there has not been even one single person who claimed that they did not receive detailed instruction and follow-up correspondence in Mo Pai Nei Kung. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. The literature of China remains largely unknown in the West, yet it offers much insight into Chinese life. The long continuity of View Product. Overcoming Sickness with Nei Kung: Why do so. And nei kung is higher than chi kung. Nei kung deals with both yin and yang.

Where chi kung only deals with yang chi. But what I want to underline is the master used his abilities to heal people. Yet, he could kill people from more than 10 yards away with energy blast. You guys have any opinions? Antonius Welcome to the forum, mopai. Are you his student?

But he refused subtlety. He said he didnt accept any new students. So I never ask him about that again. But, he helped me a lot which I cant describe in detail here. In the past times, he healed many people with his abilities. I hope in this forum, there are no insulting words where I used to get from other MA forums.

I know westerners are usually skeptics about eastern art especially regarding the mo pai lineage. Zhang Wuji 14th January , AM I read both books too, and in fact, far from making me sceptical, they "softened" me for the more incredible feats I read about later on. This lineage is very fascinating. Many Chinese scholars regard Mozi as some sort of very poor cousin to the above giants. Mr John can't spell his Greek surname, please excuse me was the first one to make me realise there was something more to Mozi than most Chinese think and this began my own research.

Actually, mopai, when I first saw your user name, I guessed you were sort of affiliated or at least a fan of these books. You won't get any derisive words from me - I am Chinese and am a fan of all the great Chinese philosophers, including Mozi, and I know that they were also excellent spiritual and martial arts cultivators.

My guess is Sifu's advanced students have probably attained them already because they are adept at building energy at the dantian. Never estimate the powerful skill of being able to "relax, and focus". So many of my fellow Shaolin Wahnam students have told me that they feel this perceptible ball of energy in their abdomen and even I, the beginner feel this from time to time. But I am honestly surprised at the author's lifestyle - not quite puritanical for a Taoist cultivator, but I guess his system allows it. Hi mopai.

I have read "The Magus and Java. He politely declined. It's nice to meet someone who has met Sifu Chang. You are very welcome on our forum. My teacher, Sifu Wong Kiew Kit, does not post openly on these boards, though he does. We could just as easily use the term "nei kung" instead of "chi kung" for arts like One Finger Shooting Zen. However, I find term very useful for general classification. Interesting enough. Still I'm glad that you and the other guys give some respects to the mopai. And we can discuss the MA side without throwing harsh words. I'm a mopai fans, and I am always curious about the stuff of chinese legends.

Including their teachings. But until now, the mopais tend to be close about their art. I tried for a couple of times to meditate and reach total calmness. Though it is always very hard and I dont really know I have ever reached that state or not. If I have, then It would be for a very short time. I cant maintain it for a longer period. Its so difficult to sit still in this age. I guess I will try to do the meditation tehniques like what is described in kostas' second book, Nei Kung.

According to Nei kung, a level 3 mo pai student have cut four string that hold dantian in its place, then make the dantian mobile. And they can move it at will. It feels like a soft qi lump. I'm also wondering what's the relation about qi gong and paranormal abilities such as talking with spirits, gods, and the sort of it? Is there any possibilities that he would ask the gods to teach qi gong or nei kung tehniques? My teacher, Sifu Wong Kiew Kit, does not post openly on these boards, though he does spend some time reading here. We could just as easily use the term "nei. Thank u for you kind words, Antonius.

And that's the reason why I join this forum. But I guess It hasnt been replied yet. One finger shooting Zen? I would just like to welcome you to the Shaolin Wahnam forum. I have read the Magus of Java and it is a pleasure to have someone on the forum who has met Sifu Chang. Kind regards Marcus. I see you are a wanham instructor. I think Mr Wong KK is a great martial artist, and also a very wise man. But it's a pity that he doesnt contribute and answer in this forum as well.

Thank you Antonius. Mopai, I'm sure many people would be interested to read more about your experience with Sifu. And yes, Darryl has given some good advice. You are very welcome on our forum, but we are obliged to be honest with you about showing respect towards Kungfu masters. I'm sure it was just an honest mistake, but it is polite to use a master's full name, not an abbreviation. It would be impolite to refer to him as J. Chang or Mr. John or even Sifu J.

I will refer him as Sifu Wong. I feel no comfortable to say my detailed experiences with Sifu Chang. I really dont want to exaggerate Sifu Chang's abilities in front of Sifu Wong. But I will tell you how Sifu Chang heals people with acupuncture. I have met him a couple of times to help my parents by holding their feet which I acted as ground. Because the bioelectric current must be channeled from the patients body to the ground. After he sticked some needles and I held my parents' feet, he continously sent a steady flow of electric current.

Sometimes the current became stronger hence made their muscles jerk. Also did with my hand muscles. My mother had a pain in her leg. Maybe she got a rheumatoid arthritis. But after the first treatment. She could run without pain. The pain had gone. Prior to the treatment, she could hardly walk. If I was not mistaken, I also heard that Sifu Chang could heal cancer as well, but probability is 4 among of 7 patients.

Unfortunately the 3 patients were died instantly whose I believe the doctors and the medic have gave up treating these 3 patients and sent them home to live their short time and the other 4 patients were healed instantly. Since that time, he has never attempted to heal patients with cancer. Antonius 16th January , PM Thank you for sharing, mopai. Very interesting.

So when you were acting as a "ground," you could feel Sifu Chang's energy? What did that feel like? By the way, I'm happy to hear that your mother is now able to walk. The same jolt. But it was benevolent and not so intense like a v current. But strong enough to make you startled. Thank you, mopai. So does Sifu Chang still take patients? How did you come to meet him? It was a few years ago, when he still heals patients.

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I have address of a chinese doctor who could heal patients with qi. The patients said the qi feel so hot. And the doctor was able to set paper on fire as well. What about Sifu Wong? There is a high degree of difference with an ordinary kung fu students, which usually are pretty arrogant. For them, "if you cant proof it, then it is a hoax". There are only a few forums where I do not get ridiculed for asking opinions or sharing thoughts about the magus of java. This forum is one of the few forum.

Have anyone of you heard about mao shan pai? I heard there is a very powerful kungfu taught in that lineage. Maybe a kind of shen gong. Sometimes they use magic black?? How long was the forum up and can you remember anything else Kostas cited from the Mo-Pai text? Were there any other interesting facts or revelations that were discussed there but have not been mentioned in the books or at CK?

Direct information from the site i have put in quotation marks. The 'Light Body' ability that occurs naturally as a part of nei kung training had been achieved by a friend of kostas named Lee, who is a Korean martial arts master and demos it routinely. I think he is the one mentioned in the book so his nei kung is from a school other. He is a low level but he he can break 4 by 4's while maintaining his 'light body'. He was able to do this as he grasped the secret of light body well before he would of developed it naturally in the mo pai system.

The levels are not set in concrete for abilities, they are merely a guide and it is different for everyone. This is why they are so selective and careful in their training. Also different people will develope different abilities though some are universal. Striking a person with your yang qi has the same affect whether you have yin to project or not, the only difference is the strength of your yang.

Even making love is dangerious at level 2. Wu style might even be better at that than Chen, if the late Mae Yue Liang and the still ornery Wang Peisheng are any example. But MoPai neikung is not health oriented. This is why you should not train too hard. You can find it on Amazon. Many practitioners of Tibetan Yoga have written to me saying: "hey, what you describe is exactly like the completion stages in XYZ.

Human beings have two arms and two legs. Go figure. This is the reason that we recommend a practice such as tai-chi with a qualified teacher to all who have an interest in neikung. I would say that you are very much on the right track. She is the head of a Kunlun Qi gong and martial arts school, best known for her instruction of the Wild Goose style, which. I have just bought "The Magus of Java", and I am looking forward to reading it.

It is strange how less than a year ago I would have dismissed it as rubbish without even trying, whereas know, after all I have experienced with Sifu and Shaolin Wahnam, I don't have a single doubt that it is all true I am not sure if it was in the book or forum but it was mentioned this training can lead to an earlier death as you are altering your energy from health uses to martial power so you have less sustaining your body. I remember Jeffrey quoting a similar discussion he had with Sifu. Not sure which thread it was, but it was about why some Taijiquan master would die early, which could seem paradoxal.

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Hello Mopai, I seem to recall that Kosta Danaos had a website and forum that was terminated due to unsolicitated negative attention. I have been keeping an eye on www.

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I look forward to reading anything you may like to add to this thread. Once again it is a pleasure to welcome you here. This is slightly off topic, but since mopai's last post mentioned both Yang Meijun and Wang Peishang, I thought I would correct something. Wang Peisheng died earlier this year, and I think Yang Meijun died a few years ago at the age of Hubert, From my point of view, an internal training will be lethal enough while you have reached a high level.

Because incorrect training will enable your strong qi to damage some organs. Like the heart. I was told by a mopai insider, that there was a mopai disciple who died because his heart tendon was cut off. And the doctor examining the body was very surprised with this incident. The doctor said the death similar to this case was possible when someone fell off from an aeroplane. But with a guru's guidance, the risk will be minimalize. But these facts or myths?? They also scared me a bit.

I will look for a similar discussion with Sifu Wong regarding "early death" you mentioned. Marcus, www. I think you should find a better source. Hello again everyone, haven't been here for a bit. It's great to see this thread being started up again. I was shown this website by a student of this teacher.

This man has had some contact with Sifu Chang I'm not sure how much. It explains the development stages of the Mo-Pai's Thunder path of cultivation in the more traditional way. I would be interested to hear Sigung's comments on this. Hi to All, It looks like this thread has been inactive for some time. Im a student of the author of The Magus of Java. I live in the states and am interested in joining discussions centered on neikung and authentic systems and teachers. Im also happy to answer any questions relating to Mo Pai that I am permitted to.

Best, Sean Marcus Hello Sean,. Let me take this opportunity to welcome you here to the forum of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute. It's a pleasure to have you here and I look forward to reading your posts and thoughts. As long as you do not break any of the forum rules and regulations, you are most weclome to answer and ask as many questions as you wish. He claims the first was Bodhidarma and the second was Zhang San Feng sp? My copy of the book is back in Texas, or California, or maybe a hitchiker snatched it out of my car when I was driving between the two, so I can't quote you the page number, and heaven knows the mind plays tricks, but Bodhidarma, level 72 in the Mo-Pai Taoist system?

I think there were many places in The Magus of Java where Danaos had problems with the language barrier, and he said as much in a thank you to a fellow student who translated for him when speaking to Sifu Chang. However, I think Danaos filled in some of the blank spaces created by the language barrier with stuff like Bodhidarma being a Taoist Mo-Pai master. It also begs the question, if Bodhidarma was the first person to reach level 72, and he lived about 1, years after Mozi, how did Bodhidarma know there were 72 levels unless he was an active member in the sect, and not just a guy whose own practice got him to a place equivalent to level 72?

Danaos says there is a book describing all 72 levels and that students who reach level 3 are allowed to copy it if they can read classical Chinese. Who wrote the bookMozi? Zhang San Feng? Luke Skywalker? I mention Luke Skywalker because Danaos continually makes references to Star Wars throughout the book. Since this thread is called the Magus of Java, I may as well get it all out. During the story of John Chang's Sigung battling the blind, evil, former warlord, does the plot make much sense?

John Chang's Sigung stops a warlord and leaves him blind as a lesson. Ten years pass, the blind, evil warlord has caught up to the Mo-Pai master in ability level, I guess the Mo-Pai master was on vacation from training?? The man who accelerated his training based on pure hatred then says that he won't kill John Chang's Sifu because the guy was kind enough to offer him tea? I think Sauron made the same offer to Gandalf, but Tolkienn failed to mention it. Okay, okay, it's just a martial arts story, but to me it's Danaos filling in the blank spaces with some George Lucas variants.

In Nei-Gong Danaos admitted he altered the facts in the case of the ping-pong ball, but I think there's a lot more that got altered. Let me be clear, this is a critique of a book, not an insult to John Chang or the Mo-Pai martial arts system. I'm in China right now because the language barrier is preventing me from just chatting to one of my teachers, much less learning the entire history of a martial arts system, so I know how tough it is breaking through the language barrier.

Meditations Beginning Mo Pai Nei Kung (Third Expanded Edition)

I think Danaos used a normal amount of "poetic license" for a work of fiction, but it's being treated like non-fiction, which it ain't. Michael seandenty. I like your line of questioning. Even as a student of the author, I like to maintain a healthy level of skepticism. Perhaps a reread is in order. Regarding the book, Magus of Java , did anybody else notice that Danaos reported there have been two people who achieved level 72? That's correct. Those are the ones John Chang knows of. There certainly could be others. Boddhidharma was never a member of the Mo Pai.

Nor does the book make that claim. However, I think Danaos filled in some of the blank spaces created by the language barrier I can assure you that this is not the case. Of course a work of this nature will always draw controversy just by its very nature. And really, why should you take it seriously? Whether you choose to believe or not is really a choice. The 72 levels of power correspond to the 72 energy centers of the body. And again, Boddhidharma was not a member of the Mo Pai. Chang San-feng. Whether he wrote it or spoke it is anyone's guess.

There are many more equally unbelievable stories that have not been written about. Many of these Kostas has personally witnessed and or captured on video for the benefit of his students. You might also be suprised to read Sifi Wong Keiw Kit's comments about such "fairy tales. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Funny you should mention; many of Kostas student's thought George Lucas ripped off the Magus of Java when the book was first published.

Kostas sent Lucas a copy of the book before the forth Star Wars film came out. In all likelihood, it's just a coincidence. As for the ping-pong ball, that was an honest mistake. Are you sure about that? Hope that was helpful. Who are you studying with in China? That's awsome. Hello Sean! Thank you for a very methodical and poignant answer to my review of the book.

Your considerate response to my post is an example of why this forum is such a wonderful place. Thanks again! Now, back to the book review! Yes, yes, I concede the book did not claim Bodhidarma as a member, but you gave a better explanation of his connection to Mo-Pai than I found in the book. I think I could have inferred Bodhdidarma's indirect connection, but my interpretation of the way it was presented by Danaos was that he was implying a direct connection for the "name drop" value of Bodhidarma.

My comments about the fight with the blind, evil warlord were not based on whether or not I believe in such abilities, but whether or not it made sense for someone who, after being blinded, was able to accelerate their training past the guy who blinded him based on the premise that with the power of hatred such a feat can be accomplished, and that such a person, consumed by hatred, would spare the life of anyone remotely in their way just because they offered him some tea.

The plot line is certainly within the realm of possibilty, and the whims of an individual can be influenced by a variety of factors. So, yeah, sure, it's possible, but the narrative doesn't offer any support for such an action. I think all of the so-called "extraordinary abilities" featured in the book are attainable and within the boundaries of human potential, not in a hypothetical sense, but in a real sense.

I've never seen levitation, pyrogenesis, etc. Excellent point about Sifu Wong's comments regarding the existence of "fairy tales. I arrived in Guangzhou, China about 5 weeks ago. I expect to be here four or five years, supporting myself by teaching English, and studying outside of a classroom to become fluent in the Cantonese dialect and in the Chinese written language.

This area of China is where Master Ou grew up and where Cantonese is prevalent. Master Ou gives all of his lectures in Cantonese, which is one reason I wish to learn it instead of the more popular Mandarin Putong-hua. I recently attended the Intensive Kungfu Course in Malaysia with Sifu Wong, so I am now studying with him, albeit not in the normal "come to class twice a week" sense of things. Considering you live in the US, but are the student of a man who lives in Greece, you may be familiar with this system. For me, the primary emphsasis of Sifu's teaching begins with the. I was specifically looking for a martial arts system that emphasized spiritual practice many give lip service to "spirit", but don't deliver and provided a methodical, systematic training program for developing actual combat skills using its martial arts practice.

I found it.

Dr. Douglas James Cottrell: Master John Chang and the Mo Pai Lineage

The fact that I don't have to attend classes in a fixed time and place every week is an advantage for me. This is perhaps my favorite documentary, and I watch a lot of films. Nice talking to you! Best, Michael Udel seandenty. Michael, I have to say Im also really impressed with the caliber of this forum and its users. I have to admit that Im more than a little jealous of your study in China. I have often dreamed of visiting China or India and studying the ancient spiritual sciences hidden away in mountain retreats.

When my son is a little older I may consider teaching English abroad. I teach middle school. Yes, I own a copy of Ring of Fire. Its also one of my favorites. I will have to politely disagree about the book. You are entitled to your opinion, but I will make a couple points.

The warlord had trained to level Liao was only at level 40 and not really a threat even if he wanted to be. Level 52 is a world away from level The warlord Lim offered to spare Liaos life if he agreed not to interfere in the fight- the tea really didnt have anything to do with it.

Despite their agreement, Liao does try to kill the warlord and is blasted threw the side of his house. Pai Lok Nen played an active and vital roll as a protector of the people in the community in which he lived at the time. I think the fact that the warlord is able to catch up to Pai Sifu in, terms of his level of power, makes sense when we consider that this warlord had been training in quiet isolation over a ten year period while Sifu Pai was busy doing good deeds, healing, teaching and being active in his community.

Case and point: John Chang does very little healing and has retired from teaching entirely; one of the main reason for this, from what Im told, is so he can train in the higher level practices. Sifu Chang, in his active healing days, served as the personal physician to the head of the Indonesian government.

Hundreds of people would come to him daily for healing. Not to mention the fact that he oversees a thriving, million dollar international business. Thanks for sharing your experiences with your teacher and Sifu Wong. I look forward to hearing more of your experiences on this forum.

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Best, Sean Michael Udel Sean,. I enjoyed discussing The Magus of Java with you. Thanks for your insights. I really do appreciate your reasonable nature in discussing a topic that has importance to you. It shows your good character. Who wouldn't, eh? I am extremely blessed to have found, completely by chance, three different teachers, all of them "World Class.

In my case, I was not looking for a qigong teacher when I found Ou Wen Wei, I was urged to attend his lecture by a customer whom I'd helped in printing her flyers for said lecture; I was not looking for a kungfu teacher when I found Sifu's web site, but merely killing time between classes in the school library; and I was not searching for a teacher of Chinese Medicine, Taoist Qigong, or Tai-Chi Chuan when chance introduced me to Richard Peck, I was just looking for someone who could relieve my grandmother's neck pain.

The story of how I finally found Richard Peck clearly illustrates the concept of the master finding the student only when the student is ready, but it's too lengthy to tell at the moment. My three teachers have several things in common, one of them being they are all extremely generous men. Generous to a fault. I believe their generosity connects to another quality they have that I admire. My impression of each of them is that they don't believe in enshroudng their knowledge with secrets. Sifu posts valuable information on his web site so anyone interested can benefit. He could hoard all the knowledge for himself and a few chosen disciples, but he doesn't.

My other two teachers have the same attitude that knowledge is to be shared among as many people as possible who could reasonably be expected to benefit. Teachers, especially good ones, can do whatever they think best, but I believe the time for secrets is over. There are serious side-effects to secretive behavior, even when done out of necessity. Michael Ray. Mo Tzu is pretty interesting, too bad my classical chinese needs some work :o Also, does John Chang have a family?

If so, are they okay with him practicing such advanced spiritual techniques that require isolation? Best, Divineshadow seandenty Michael,. Im in agreement with you on the whole sharing thing. Sounds like youve been very fortunate to find some great teachers. Looks like youre a student of Pan Gu Shengong. Ive studied a little Pan Gu with one of my old teachers- very interesting story behind that system.

Divineshadow, All your questions are answered in the book. The Mo Pai is first and foremost a Kung fu school. The ultimate goal, I would imagine, is as varied as the students of the Mo Pai. Who knows what motivates men; power, greed, spiritual longing, passion, love; probably a combination of all of the above. Lets face it we are complex beings. If pressed, I would have to say enlightenment is the ultimate goal. I believe there is, in all of us, a deep, intrinsic need to find the truth another word for enlightenment of our being.

This is just my opinion. Yes, John Chang has seven children! Im sure they made some sacrifices, but, to the best of my knowledge, John Chang was pretty much financially set for life before he begin practicing in isolation for long periods of time. This enabled his family to live comfortably while he was away.

I have one son and he keeps me pretty busy, so I have no idea how Sifu Chang accomplished what he has with seven kids. Peace, Sean Ray [ Divineshadow,. All your questions are answered in the book. Can you tell me when the Mo Pai sect was developed if it really is Mo pai then this may have a big impact on my research and who developed it, also if it is a kung fu school it teaches with a self defense slant as well, are their animal forms or yogic asanas? Thanks again, Divineshadow Michael Udel. Sean, Yes, Pan Gu Shengong has an interesting background.

Master Ou is one of a few people in history to make an ostensibly credible claim for such a longlasting conversation with the creator of the universe. Master Ou says that since his first introduction to Pan Gu while he was imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution in late , Pan Gu has been continuously showing him "movies" inside his mind nearly or perhaps completely, depending on the interpreter non-stop, even during sleep.

My desire to learn more from Master Ou has brought me to what I expect to be a multiyear sojourn in China. Whenever I'm around Master Ou and the interpreter is willing, I have experiences like the following: Living near Dallas,Texas USA , I was giving long distance qi healing to a classmate about 50 miles from my home, and stopped the pain in her wrist in 15 minutes where other therapists, including an excellent acupuncturist, had failed to reduce it at all. Her wrist hurt so much she was going to see an MD about surgery.

After the wrist, she mentioned another ailment, so I continued sending her qi every day for a month. Toward the end of our sessions, she mentioned a friend in Colorado, without giving her name, and said that she was due to give birth, but the baby was turned the wrong way, and asked if I would help. I said I would help, but that a condition like this was so potentially serious it would be better if Master Ou helped. I told her I would inquire about it. I spoke to Master Ou's interpreter in San Francisco, where Master Ou lives, to ask if he would help, and then waited for the response.

It was Thursday. Saturday, I talked to my classmate, and she told me not to bother with Master Ou's assistance because an examination Friday revealed the baby had turned. The examination was prompted by the mother, who on Thursday evening felt the sudden turning of the baby, and went in for an exam the next day. Later, Saturday night, Master Ou's interpreter contacted me and said that he already. There have been many such events, and other reasons from my personal experience to give credence to Master Ou when he talks about Pan Gu showing him movies in his mind continuously for 31 years.

Strange, but true! Michael, That's so cool. What a great story. Any literature out there on Pan Gu Shengong?